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 Koreel has been manufacturing various kinds of industrial reels such as Hose reel, Cable reel, Air hose reel, Water hose reel, Cord reel and Crane reel for last 25 years. With advanced technology, high-quality, and convenient customer service as our strength, we have been recognized as the pioneer of reel industry.
Water Hose Reel(Nozzle)
- easy to cleaning by adjusting watering mode freely.
- Semipemanent by using brass compounded metal.
- Hot water is available by silicon coating.

Water Hose Reel(Nozzle)

  To use

Water Hose Reel(Hose)  

Water Hose Reel(Hose) Water Hose Reel(Hose) Water Hose Reel(Hose)
Hot water hose
-Can be used up to 80° and suitable for cleaning contaminated floor by oil.
Cold water hose(innoxious)
-suitable for drinking water

Hot water Hose
-Can be used up to 60° and suitable for cleaning.

Water Hose Reel(Hose) Water Hose Reel(Hose)
PPHose PPHose


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